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Extra Time | Football Content 2020

Two months back, we released our first annual 'Read, Watch, Listen | Footy Content 2020' guide. We had some fantastic feedback from our readers who'd found new content creators to explore, especially from some of the more niche creators like Outside Write and The Gentleman Ultra.

Others gave us recommendations too, and thus the sharing merry go round began. With so much new content absorbed, we decided to fire back up the laptop, flex those fingers and put together an 'Extra Time' edition, showcasing hidden gems, upcoming talents and others that you may find interesting.

Once again, we're focusing on their main content platform, even if many of them dabble into other types of media.



What started as an innocent father's day gift ended up turning into a fully fledged football magazine. Escapismo brings home the soul and passion of football, focusing on the fans, stadiums and stories of the game.

We particularly enjoyed their pieces on Sassari Torres's female team and empty grounds. The Sardinian island side were league's best team for a number of years before financial mismanagement crept in, forcing the young female team to start again.

The magazine is clearly made with a lot of love and care. We can't wait to get stuck into volume 3.

Through The Turnstile

Never underestimate a good logo, which is what drew us to their Instagram and website content in the first place. Through The Turnstiles specialise in alternative stories from the terraces and general football culture.

You'll find some great pieces on there site, from a history of the Sicilian Derby to the football shirts infused in political statements. They also follow the journey of FC United, which was founded off the back of disgruntled Man Utd fans back in 2005.

A severely underrated spot for great football stories and insights, check them out.

No Place Like Home

Heading away for the weekend? Take this stunning magazine with you. Filled with fantastic stories ranging from flash in the pan Freddy Addu to the failure that was the North American Soccer League.

It's not just the articles that drew you in, it's filled with some colourful football art, such as as that of 'From 12 Yards' alongside pitch side photography capturing the beauty of the terraces.

The magazine brings an alternative perspective on the game brought to you through unique visual storytelling. They also recently introduced a subscription model, and with every issue selling out so far, we'd recommend to sign yourself up to avoid any disappointment.


This is Money Ball

If you enjoyed the film by the same name (starring Brad Pitt), read Soccernomics or enjoy the yearly Deloitte Football Money League publication, you'll most certainly enjoy this show.

Hosted by the dynamic duo of Lee Boyce and Georgie Frost, they dive deeper into the economics of sport. Yes, it's not solely about Football, but there's a wealth of it on the back catalogue.

Favourites include 'Is Piracy threatening the future of football?' as well as 'behind the scenes of a football transfer'.

We'd also recommend any business development graduates interested in entering the world of sport to have a listen, you won't regret it.

Calcio Cast

For all your calcio needs, look no further than Kay and Matteo who gives you a cheery insightful take on the league's latest action. Both are vastly experienced media profiles in the industry, with Matteo working for ESPN and Kay hosting beIN Sports shows.

They regularly drop shows after big games and really engage with their listeners with their Q&A sessions from loyal patrons. It's an exciting way to get back into Serie A, especially if you favour one of the bigger sides.

Front 3 Football Podcast

Covering a wide range of leagues from The Premier League to the Bungesliga,, as well as hard hitting subjects, this podcast is a hidden gem.

A favourite episode of ours discusses racism in football and how the recent Black Lives Matter movement could lead to lasting change in the sport and in society in general.

What made this episode more memorable is that they featured Christian Hurley, who writes for Pickles Magazine, a loved publication of The Football Trimmings.


Away Days

Join Ellis Patten as he travels up and down the country showing the football world through a fans perspective. With nearly 100,000 followers, he's clearly onto something.

Much like the Youtube channel 'On The Road', which featured in our original article, Away Days feel raw and natural, experiencing the highs and lows of the match day experience.

DW Kick Off

Make yourself comfortable, because DW Kick Off has an abundance of insightful videos on the global game. From why Turkey isn't a European powerhouse to the Red Bull football empire, they've racked up some serious air miles to give you the inside scoop.

A favourite of ours was their review on the Torino Derby between Juventus and Torino, a criminally under the radar derby in European Football that contrasts the black and white giants of Calcio against the battered and bruised historic side of Torino.


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