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Read, Watch, Listen | Football Content 2020

The beauty of the internet is the almost overwhelming amount of quality content at our disposal (even this one..... some might say).

Gone are the days of waiting for Saturday morning's football shows to get your footy fix. From the somewhat infamous 'Arsenal Fan TV' making waves on Youtube to Copa90s journeys abroad, we're somewhat spoiled for choice.

As someone that will spend at least one hour a day watching some kind of football-related content online, I thought I'd share with you all my favourite content creators across a range of mediums. I've decided not to include club specific ones that I follow (such as Around Turin) as that won't be relatable to the majority of readers but instead focus on the ones we can all enjoy as general football fans.

Whilst the recommendations below all might dabble into other forms of media, I've broken them down into their main categories.


These Football Times

If it isn't the award-winning writing, design or photography that gets you going, surely the front cover is worthy of your attention alone (see their latest Real Madrid issue).

They dive deep into a club issue by issue. From Liverpool to Roma, there's plenty of high quality reading on offer and something that would make a great gift too.

If you sign up to their newsletter, you'll also get a free online version of their Calcio magazine, full to the brim of trips down memory lane including pieces on Baggio, Parma and Batistuta's Fiorentina.

The Gentleman Ultra

The self-proclaimed disciples of the Football Italia years, ‘The Gentleman Ultra’ has a wide array of articles at your disposal. Being the stadium nut that I am, there are some great pieces hidden deep on their website about the Stadio Delle Alpi and Rome's Stadio Olimpico.

Ever wondered what's Serie A's greatest XI? Or why Juve and Fiorentina hate each other so much? Well now you can find out.

Voicing Football

With so much content on offer, it's hard to know where to begin. So the great people at Voicing Football will bring you the week's best articles straight to your inbox, absolutely free.

There's a serious range of articles stuffed in there, from the local game in the UK to global. We even had our own Turin | Football City Guide article feature in their newsletter a few weeks back.

Ultra - The Underworld of Italian Football (Tobias Jones)

Yes, books still exit and if you're jetting off to Italy anytime soon and need a good calcio read, look no further. Find yourself immersed in the underworld culture of Italy's die-hard fans, From ticket touting to connections with organised crime, the movement of the ultras runs deep into national culture and local economies.

Follow Tobias's journey as he mingles with the Cosenza Ultras in South Italy and then learn about the tales and tragedies of Italy's biggest supported clubs. You'll either come out the other end hating the Ultra movement or loving them.


Outside Write

Quite possibly my favourite one of the lot. Outside Write dives deep into the off-pitch world of football with their incredible podcast show.

Episodes range from the wonderful origins of Boca Juniors (apparently their blue and yellow colours derive from a incoming Swedish ship) to football's boozy relationship with alcohol. A recent kit collection episode struck a chord with me, considering my kit collection is growing by the month.

Every episode sees a different expert hit the mic and you always come away with a random fact or story to use down the pub later.

Kit Pod

They might be only a couple of episodes in but they've certainly caught my attention. The series is brought to you from Cult Kits, who 'surprise, surprise' sell retro kits online.

The first episode hits the ground running, with special guest Charlie Cooper (star of BBC 3 comedy 'This Country'), talking about his favourite kits and experiences as a Fulham fan.

If you've got a mild to medium obsession with kits, this one's for you.


You've already pictured James Richardson sitting in an Italian cafe, sipping a cappuccino whilst reading the iconic pink Gazzetta Dello Sport, haven't you?

Well you're not far off. Join James and his stellar cast of calcio experts as they go the great teams and players of years gone by as well as discuss recent events on the field.

The banter is as good as ever and I always enjoy Gabrielle Marcotti's blunt and ruthless comments, especially when it comes to Totti and ex-Inter owner Massimo Moratti.

That Peter Crouch Podcast

If you're looking for an inside scoop into the world of being a football player, join the 6 foot 7 ex-England international Peter Crouch and his BBC chums as they roll back the years.

Every week is a different topic, from injuries to agents, holidays to retirement, The show has proved to be immensely popular, so much so they did a recorded special episode at the 02 last summer (Crouch Fest).

They're now into their third series with no signs of slowing down. A recent guest appearance from wheeler dealer Harry Rednapp was music to my ears.



Turn off Sky, make a cup of tea (or something stronger) and get settled in as Copa90 take you around the world with their incredible football stories. From deep-seated rivalries (Derby Days: Atalanta vs Brescia) to the history and culture of supporting Nottingham Forest, the historical depth and entertainment value is outstanding.

They also diversify into reviews of the latest talent to guest star interviews. With over 1.8million subscribers on Youtube, you know you're in for a treat.

Tifo Football

If you're looking for expert analysis on specific football subjects, this is the one. Tifo are incredible at breaking down stories, such as Arsenal's failing transfer strategies or Newcastle's future under Mike Ashley.

Visually, it's rather unique. Their stories are told in animation with Joe Devine doing the voice over. They way they manage to discuss rather serious topics and turn them into digestible bite-size chunks is fantastic.

On The Road

I've got a fair away grounds under my belt as a Barnet fan but I'm acutely aware there are potentially hundreds I've yet to witness and that's where On The Raod comes in. Shot in first-person and narrated with a mixture of wit and banter, Smiv takes you on a journey to the grounds you'd like to visit (or avoid).

From the price of the burgers to the injustice of the stewards, it's rather entertaining. He doesn't just hit the obvious grounds either, visiting lowly Enfield Town and Slough Town on his travels.

What I Wore

Now this is content done right. The teams from Classic Football Shirts and BT Sport got together to bring you your favourite football stars, as they go through their playing-days kits and highlight their favourites. Who knew Peter Crouch's favourite kit is Sampdoria's classic ERG 1991 classic?

The star-studded line takes you on a trip down memory lane and also featured last year on BT Sport. The relatively simple premise hits the mark and during Covid-19 lock down, they've been doing webcam episodes with the likes of Robin Van Persie.

Written by Richard Tester

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